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There is a wonderful cozy place near Milan. These are the Swiss Alps, inhabited by Italians and Swiss (more of the first). Dual currency (Swiss franc / euro), dual citizenship and occasional trips from Milan here give this place a special charm.

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Lugano - the pearl of Switzerland; the city, surrounded by high (up to 1000m) mountains and located on the shore of the lake of the same name, stretched for more than 50 km along the shores. From a height, it so incredibly resembles the Norwegian fjords that you wonder how such beauty can remain without the sight of a tourist!

As soon as I see the mountains, I want to climb them right away. And, of course, the top of Monte Bre, which offers a stunning panorama of Lugano along with the lake and the surrounding spurs, was the first on the list of places to visit here. Upstairs, the open spaces are breathtaking, and the air here is so clean and fresh that you want to breathe deeply.

The city is beautiful in itself. Small Italian streets are interspersed with luxurious modern-style Swiss villas, coffee shops and pizzerias - with expensive restaurants and fashionable boutiques Gucci, Armani, etc. And, of course, there is a very beautiful embankment ...

What a joy it is to be in Switzerland! At least one day :)