Reviews from travel participants

Marina Demina

September 2019

“Much has been a revelation for me!”

Traveling in Ryazan, Lipetsk and Tula regions was amazing! We visited a lot of interesting places that I did not even know about! And those attractions that are the most visited tourists, and those that few have heard of. According to my wishes, a route was developed with the greatest number of such (non-tourist) places. Much has been a revelation for me! It was a trip by car, so, as it seemed to me, we were not limited in time. But - it just seemed :). Pavel planned everything in such detail that he even took into account the sunrise and sunset so that we could enjoy them in the most beautiful angles!

Accommodation along the entire route was in apartments, which meant reduced costs. All apartments were within walking distance of the main attractions and with all amenities. Movement Logistics - Great! Paul knew exactly where to go, where to park, where to eat, etc. (As if he had been here more than once!). Every day was full of pleasant events and experiences! I was comfortable, calm and very interesting!


In short, then:
1) These areas have a lot of interesting and beautiful sights!
2) The magnificent nature and lovely county towns along the way! By the way, not one of them was left without attention. Paul told the story of the occurrence and the most significant events of each!
3) In the central cities (Ryazan, Lipetsk, Tula) visiting museums and parks. Paul was a guide here too!
4) The route was built taking into account the wishes and with the most intense program!
5) Accommodation is comfortable and inexpensive.


I wish everyone who has not been to these places to visit them! And to make the trip a success and have only a pleasant experience, I recommend using the services of the Sight Hiker team! They are the best!!!

Сорочан_фото_Венгрия-Болгария 2019.jpg

Hungary + Bulgaria (individual tour)

July 2019

“A mix of sightseeing and relaxation”

The request for a cultural program in a new country, combined with a vacation at sea, is perfectly executed. This trip was a mix of sightseeing and relaxation: you can walk around Budapest for days, and then it is amazing to relax in the famous thermal baths, visit the parliament and immediately go to Lake Balaton in the wonderful place of Tihany. We used buses, metro, trains and a ferry for one day, were mobile and did not worry if we managed to get to know the 5 points of the route and return to the hotel in the evening - everything was planned in advance, up to the time and marked on the map bus departure points. We studied Bulgaria thoroughly, we selected several ideal beach holiday destinations with almost empty beaches, from where we traveled to nearby places and received incredible pleasure from the travel process itself and the feeling of sun-filled joy.

Сорочан Елена_фото Южная Россия.JPG

May 2019

“Every day is like a small life”

I already tried to travel with Pavel, so I decided without a doubt that the May holidays are a great time to escape from work and home routine: to go somewhere. You usually start thinking about May holidays only in April “it would be nice ...” but, as a rule, there are no forces to plan with the organization, and you cannot find good hotels at affordable prices. The main advantage of trips with Pavel is that he always offers to think about vacation very early - they started taking care of the trip at the end of February, which I consider to be excellent (and certainty that May will not pass without a trace and significant savings). Then you can not get distracted by the closing of the quarter and try to finish all the work before May, everything is already organized and planned for me.

Trips to the regions of Russia often seem boring and unattractive, but right up to the moment when there is a person with a thirst to show you local beauties that rarely can captivate at a distance. We visited the Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, and also got acquainted with Kalmykia. I would never have thought that wild tulips were blooming in Kalmykia, that there were so many wild hares in the steppes and birds singing so noisily that in the Astrakhan region locals fish from almost every puddle, and Volgograd impresses with its power and atmosphere of eternal memory. Small details, such as a boat trip to the Volga delta, views of flood fields, a wonderful view of the Don River from steep hills or an amazingly delicious place in Astrakhan with Caucasian cuisine, make every day a trip special. The combination of exploring cities and enjoying nature (sunrises and sunsets on the lakes, walks in the steppes and dunes) makes each day a little separate life - it seems that the vacation does not last two weeks, but a month.

What I appreciate accompanied by Pavel is his desire to show beauty, enjoy the moment, share a feeling of delight from the diversity of our country. Thanks to his enthusiasm, sometimes there are forces to sometimes walk 20 km per day, to get up at 5 in the morning for the sake of dawn, and also in the evening after a busy day to take a walk and enjoy the evening scenery. After a trip to the south of Russia, it was possible to reboot, to feel freedom in the steppes, to feel lightness and to throw off everyday worries at least briefly from the shoulders. The opportunity to trust in the hands of a professional and not delve into the details almost until the departure is priceless. I love when the trip includes many unexpected places and impressions, surprises.


Svetlana Sorochan

January 2019

“The trip exceeded our expectations”

Pavel and I went to Tula on New Year's holidays. A trip for one day was planned very clearly, starting from the choice of the day (sunny and minus 5 - perfect), ending with the route and the distribution of time for attractions. The ride on the train through the snowy forests drowning in the sunshine alone was breathtaking! Pavel showed and told us in detail about the main attractions of the city and its history, visited the weapons museum with us and advised where it is best to buy souvenirs. One day on a trip somewhere seems like a completely frivolous matter, but with a competent approach, we managed to do everything everywhere, saw a lot and got some impressions. I would like to express special thanks for the very idea of ​​the trip, we turned to him at the very height of the holidays and were sure that it was already difficult to find some inexpensive options for spontaneous departure, but the trip exceeded our expectations. Thanks!


Marina Demina

September 2018

“Everything was organized and planned very competently”

The trip to the Yaroslavl region was wonderful! Everything was organized and planned very competently! The route has been carefully designed. And we were able to visit all the main (and not only) sights of the cities that passed, in a fairly short time.

Everything was thought out to the smallest detail, including places for food and rest. And the fact that we managed to see the bell tower in Kalyazin during sunset, when it gradually wraps itself in the darkness of the night, is beyond praise to the organizer of the trip!

I’ll also write that this trip cost us quite inexpensively, and this was a pleasant bonus to a wonderful trip experience! I recommend everyone to use the services of this professional traveler. And Paul would like to wish you a pleasant and successful journey, which he can share with us!

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July 2018

“Insanely picturesque and fabulously cozy”

Baltic States - such was the advice from Sight Hiker on the request "I want peace and comfort, but in a new place." The routes were built measured, sedate, insanely picturesque and fabulously cozy. Feeling yourself in medieval Tallinn, admiring the romance and modernity of Riga, getting lost in the winding streets of Vilnius, seeing the Trakai Castle and visiting Narva, traveling around regional pearls is priceless! No matter what request and amount of strength I apply, everyone will always plan me here in the best possible way. I am ready to go without knowing the directions and points of the plan, and be 100% sure that I will be satisfied!

Сорочан Елена_фото Польша.JPG

July 2018

"You can make a big mistake ..."

Sight Hiker helped me discover the real gem of Europe - Poland. Having visited most of the countries of this region, I thought that you can spend 4 days on this country, having visited only Warsaw and Krakow. As a result of 2 weeks, I can say that this can make a big mistake and miss an incredible amount of beauty! We saw the fortress in Malbork, Poznan, Wroclaw, Torun, Lublin, Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, the Ksenzha and Power Castle (fell in love with it at first sight) and many more small cities.

On this trip, I found "my" city, which I would like to return to constantly - Gdansk, with the neighboring resort of Sopot. An incredible atmosphere and beauty, a port city that can compete with the Netherlands for its stunning architecture. Many thanks to Pasha for being able to arrange an inspection of the Moshchna castle - it was extremely inconvenient to get there without a car, but by the magic of logistics he still managed to make me see this beauty with my own eyes. The trip was very intense, bright and bright, a year later I was still caught up by the constant flashbacks “oh, how good it was”, “how great we walked around the old squares”, “what an amazing university it was all the same”, etc.

It seems to me that travel is a piece of complete freedom of curiosity and experience, it is something that will fill life meaningfully and that you will remember in old age. It is necessary to try to invest in travel to the maximum! It is so beautiful!

Сорочан_фото_Западная Европа май

May 2018

“The most memorable trip of all”

Alsace-Luxembourg-Belgium-Netherlands. This is my most memorable trip of all. Although I was already in all four countries, I had the feeling that I did not see even 1/10 of what I discovered with Sight Hiker. The incredible villages of Alsace fascinated me and conquered me, you ride between them on bicycles among the vineyards of the famous wine path of France and you feel ... made in a special way. I also discovered the Netherlands from a new perspective through small towns like Haarlem, Zaandam, Volendam and charming Delft. The Hague and Rotterdam impressed me quite differently - amazing, huge, architecturally amazing cities that seem a little unrealistic. You walk as if bewitched, as if in a different world, and you catch yourself constantly on the thoughts, “Is it really possible?” You can describe places endlessly, but the main thing, in my opinion, is the magic of organization: the magic of finding and combining places / impressions, the magic of planning all points of the route, the magic of noticing an incredible amount of important little things, as well as the magic of the work of a person who is truly in love with his job.

Сорочан Елена_фото Евротрип.jpg

December - January 2018

“New Year with a view of Neuschwanstein Castle”

See a third of Europe in a month and feel like a hero in an adventure movie, travel by plane-train-electric train-ferry-bus, see Norway and not go broke, pay back 2.5 times the map of Copenhagen Card attractions, visit Christmas markets in 3 European capitals, meet New Year's Eve overlooking Neuschwanstein Castle - all this is Sight Hiker. I would never have believed in my life that I would become the center of such an unrealistic plot, only gigabytes of photographs prove that all this was not a breathtaking dream! Thanks to you, I spent the brightest month in my life, thanks!!

Сорочан Елена_фото Куршская коса.JPG

July 2017

“Isn't that happiness?”

The vibrant energy of Kaliningrad, which combines the memory of the past and the present, unity with nature on the Curonian Spit, as well as a sea of ​​drive and positive from the Baltic coast, is what a trip to Kaliningrad was remembered for. Goosebumps wandering through the forts, the stunning architecture of the city itself, the most magnificent museum of the world's oceans - I am ready to return to Kaliningrad again and again! I would like to constantly recall the simple charm of resort towns and sunsets, sunsets, sunsets in the dunes on the Curonian Spit, relaxing on beaches where there is not a soul and you are the first to leave your footprints in the sand for a day. A whole day of cycling through the chic coniferous forests, an excursion to the dancing forest and the height of Müller. Behind all this my euphoria is clear planning, timing, drawing up a route that I did (good) not)) Is this not happiness?

Thanks Sight Hiker!

Колесникова Мария_фото.jpg

July 2016

“Thanks for the organization, thanks for the emotions!!!”

The very idea of a trip to Tsimlyansk seemed very interesting to me. Since I like to visit new places for me, especially with such a good program. The weekend promised to be interesting. And everything exceeded my expectation: exploring the sights, walking, romantic evenings and the alluring moonlit road, birdsong in the morning and of course the Tsimlyansk reservoir, which I discovered for myself. Thanks for the organization, thanks for the emotions!!! That was great!

Киселева Алеся_фото.jpg

May 2016

“The action plan was drafted sooo thoughtfully”

Most of all, of course, I liked that dilapidated fortress Oreshek. She is on the water, prisoners were kept there. She liked me with dilapidated buildings and her own special spirit, basements, a small square in the center with something like a stage. And the fact that it is surrounded by water, as if protected from the outside world.


The organization was good, the action plan was drawn up sooo thoughtfully. I would only include a day or two on simple walks around the city, when you seem to recognize the city from the inside. We settled in a convenient place, not far from the station, even the apartment was with a special touch, at the end of the building with many windows, so I liked it. In general, the trip was wonderful, I would recommend it to everyone, and especially for those who like thoughtful actions!

Irina Borisova

May 2016

“Vyborg became a favorite place”

The trip to St. Petersburg turned out to be one of the richest and cheapest. For several days, I managed to see many attractions, and the routes were composed very logically and organically, after the park there was a museum, then architecture. They didn’t forget about a hearty snack) Vyborg became a favorite place - a city about which almost nothing was known before. A fabulous medieval castle, beautiful views of the Gulf of Finland and the cleanest air from the park - a great place for the soul!

Evgenia Korcheva

May 2016

“Everything was under control, scheduled every minute”

Once, together with Pavel and my girlfriend, we went to St. Petersburg. The trip was planned for 3 months, if not more. Since we live in different cities, materials were sent to us and also in response we wrote our wishes. We went to the May holidays: me, my girlfriend and Pavel with a girl. The trip from beginning to end was successful, sunny Peter delighted our eyes. In addition, a suburb was planned for the trip, namely Kronstadt, Vyborg and several other cities that were impressive!

Everything was under control, scheduled every minute. I was in St. Petersburg for the second time, so I recognized many places, but I also learned many more new places: when everything blooms, the botanical garden is gorgeous, the children's world, although it’s just a store, is so fascinating that I don’t want to leave it , and just a walk around Peter is already inspiring! It was with this trip that the metro began to seem not so large-scale, and the bridges can be watched forever! I am glad that you started to travel, it will work out!

Колесникова Мария_фото.jpg

February 2016

“These moments are forever in my memory!”

Living near the city of Taganrog, I have never been there before, which is very embarrassing. But I am very glad that I went on a trip with just such a person. Who knows a lot about traveling and organizing with comfort for you. A visit to all the most memorable places, a trip in an electric train, local food, the sea, and everything is easy, without stress, fuss. Because it’s already planned. And I did not have to worry about anything, but only enjoy what is around me. I learned many interesting facts about this city and its history, about people, about life.

Thank you for such an organization. These moments are forever in my memory. See you soon!

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