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  • Pavel Demin

The Legend of Vladimir

A trip to the Vladimir region is a journey into the ancient history of the Russian state, which continues to live in churches, museums and estates. This is a trip along the once rich trade routes, immortalized in rich merchant architecture and cobbled streets. This is an immersion in the life and life of great people and military leaders, a walk through the places of ancient battles and battles, an appeal to the eternal in the cool halls of centuries-old monasteries and acquaintance with folk crafts, the traditions of which are preserved to this day. Although Moscow has long overshadowed Vladimir in the richness and variety of leisure activities, today this region is ready to open to the suffering many natural and cultural riches, which can be enjoyed for a very, very long time.

We discovered this ancient region on a sightseeing trip in July 2020. Having visited the cities of Kirzhach, Yuryev-Polsky, Suzdal, Gorokhovets, Murom and the thousand-year Vladimir, we saw many beautiful and interesting places, some of which we really want to return to! It is especially convenient that this can be done as part of a weekend tour, because Vladimir is located very close to Moscow.

You can see photos from our trip and learn more about the beautiful places in the region in our travel guide. Welcome to the Vladimir region!