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  • Pavel Demin

Start of travel season 2020 - Tarusa

Friends, hello everyone!

The long-awaited summer has come, and we begin, in spite of any difficulties, to organize small trips outside the walls of the house. Since museums, theaters, monasteries and other cultural institutions will be closed in the next 2-3 weeks, we plan to organize several field trips, with full hiking for 10-15 km, sunbathing on the beaches, contemplation of forests and fields and outdoor activities!

If you really want something, then you will definitely find a way to do it. And we love travel too much to refuse them. Therefore, observing all possible precautions and safety requirements, we are happy to begin the 2020 season.

The first short trip this year - and immediately an exact hit in a beautiful place. A new point on the map is the city of Tarusa in the Kaluga region, on the high bank of the Oka river.

There are beautiful steep slopes, several picturesque churches, birch groves rustling in the wind and many secluded beaches where it is so pleasant to sunbathe and meditate...

I am happy that even in such a difficult time, if you wish, there is the opportunity to enjoy nature and travel. Indeed, if you love something very much - you will find a way to do it!

Further more. Next week - a new trip in the suburbs. Welcome summer!

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