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Sight Hiker launch

Greetings My New Year's gift to everyone! Today is a big day for me: finally in open access is my massive website dedicated to travels and stories about places around the world I've been to. All the pictures on the site are my personal, and so are a real confirmation of what each of you can see with your own eyes.

I am proud to invite you to visit my website and discover the incredible countries and cities, get the breathtaking spirit of landscapes and feel the pleasure from my stories and historical essays about them. I really hope that my website will be a starting point for your future trips, will open new stunning places next to already familiar to you, will inspire the opening of new routes... And my photos will be a source of inspiration and a good mood which I wish you more in the new year 2019!

In the "World regions" section, you are able to find information about all countries and areas I have visited, including Russia, Europe and Asia. The information will be replenished along with my travels, which will be countless. You can download a lot of free wallpapers to the desktop in the section "Photography", read about the latest news of the site or learn more about my individual tours that I am willing to offer each of you, taking into account all your wishes!

I really expect my website to be a place where everyone will learn something new and interesting about the world's surrounding us. Welcome to Sight Hiker!

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