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  • Pavel Demin

Laureates of National Geographic Traveler 2019

Hello friends!

We are glad to share it with you: we have just get the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2019 in the nomination "The Best Car Route in Russia". We are very proud that we were able to organize this trip in May last year: Pavel Demin as an ideological inspirer, guide and navigator, and Lena Sorochan as an excellent driver, without whom nothing would have happened.

This route is the real pearl of our collection, because it is one of the most picturesque and authentic in our country: from Rostov-on-Don through the steppes and pagodas of Kalmykia, salt lakes and deserts of Astrakhan, flood meadows and memorials of Volgograd to Greek excavations and Cossack settlements. We have been preparing it for a long time, were happy to implement it and are ready to share it with you again!

The further - the more will come! Russian hinterland awaits us 🤗