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Kolomna surroundings

The new opening of 2020 is the town of Perevitsky Torzhok in the vicinity of Kolomna. Its wide expanses with the landscape of the Oka River and fields flooded with the summer sun amaze the imagination. Silence and peace are the characteristics of this place.

In addition, nearby is the magnificent city of Kolomna, the Kremlin in Zaraysk, the “cucumber-breadwinner” in Lukhovitsy, the Bobrenev Monastery and many more interesting sights.

If you live, then happily. If you breathe, then with full breasts. If you travel, then to the most picturesque places. If the weekend, then only like that ☀

P.S.: All photos are from a one-day trip from Moscow to the vicinity of Kolomna town.

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