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  • Pavel Demin

Happy new year, with a new site!

Hi, friends!

The last three months have passed in intense, diligent and sometimes openly tedious work, but the labors have finally been crowned with success. As a gift for the new year, with joy in my soul and personal pride, I present to you the updated Sight Hiker website:

- completely new logistics and convenient organization;

- intuitive interface and striking design entirely from personal photos and drawings;

- Updated guides to 30 regions of Russia and more than 20 countries of Europe and Asia;

- wonderful infographics about us and our activities;

- and finally (cheers) a page with future tours, on which you can sign up for our future trips and find out about past trips!

Ahead of us there will be many trips and travels to beloved Russia, which we want to carry out with you! On behalf of everyone who has been and is a member of our team, I want to wish you more amazing discoveries, moments of joy and enjoyment from current events, as well as memorable trips in the new year!

Traveling always changes us for the better and opens up new facets of our lives. Thanks to this, real life is felt, right? 😇

Happy New Year, friends! Hurrah!