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  • Pavel Demin

Along the Oka shores 2020

Hello everyone!

June 7, 2020 there was a journey along the banks of the Oka river with Sight Hiker.

It was a wonderful and intense experience trip. We drove on the way to the "Italian Baroque" Podmoklovo, we started in Velegozh and almost drowned in a rain swamp, were forced to change our route a bit, but were able to quickly navigate the terrain and set off along a suitable forest trail. We walked kilometer by kilometer through more often, they listened to the rare rumble of thunder and the singing of birds, noticed the sun behind the branches and were incredibly happy when they went out onto a wide dirt road.

Going down from the hills to the field, we enjoyed the hot sun, bright colors and Tarusa on the opposite bank of the Oka river, contemplated the creeping thunderclouds and walked along the forest, listening to silence. Crossing from board to board, we crossed a seething river over a spontaneous bridge ... and entered civilization! Manor Polenovo met us with closed gates, but still magnificent buildings, a beautiful church in Bekhovo and a picturesque view of the Oka bend, watching which we played frisbee at sunset.

We spent this day as real hikers, although we walked only 20 km. Active, but enjoying every step. Tanned but a little dirty. Tired, but insanely happy. This is definitely worth repeating in the future!

Hope to see you again, travelers!

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