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Give a loved one a trip to Russia

Has your friend long been dreaming of hiking in the mountains? Does a colleague want to get acquainted with the Caucasian cultures? Will your parents be happy to go somewhere for the weekend? Or maybe your lovely one wants to enjoy a romantic trip with you? Make these wishes come true!

A gift certificate for a trip is an excellent solution for any occasion: a birthday, anniversary, New Year or another holiday. Everyone will be happy with such a surprise!

To see the happy eyes of a dear person is the most important reward. Present what you can’t buy for money: vivid impressions, unforgettable experience, happy moments.


Gift certificate
for a trip with Sight Hiker is:


Unforgettable experience:
Russia is able to surprise even the most sophisticated tourist. In its regions lurk such treasures of culture and nature that you will not find in cities. Get to know your homeland!


Vivid impressions:
Enjoy the Kalmyk steppe or the mountains of the Caucasus? Swim in the Black Sea or the lakes of Dombai? Go hiking or on a historic tour? The choice is up to the owner!


Happy moments:
Traveling is a small life. Give a dear person a story that will be remembered for many years to come, for which he will be eternally grateful to you!


How it all works?

A gift trip can be issued for any amount or a specific tour. We organize trips to more than 30 regions of Russia, among which there are exotic, hidden from most tourists places on the Volga, in the Don and Kalmyk steppes, dense forests of the north and the lost ridges of the Caucasus. It is possible to organize an inexpensive trip, for example, a weekend tour. It all depends on the individual preferences and wishes of the certificate holder!

A certificate from Sight Hiker is a great gift for a traveler. Choose a convenient format: paper and electronic. The first is printed on paper that is thick and pleasant to the touch. We will issue an electronic one with a photograph of your choice and send it by email. The certificate can be issued for a certain amount or a specific tour.

You fill out an application

Rules for using a gift certificate:

  • A gift certificate for travel cannot be returned or cashed.

  • If a certificate is presented for a specific tour, but the client cannot or does not want to go on this particular tour, he can exchange it for another one, equal to the nominal value of the certificate.

  • If the certificate is donated for the amount that is not enough to pay for the selected tour, the client pays the remaining cost on his own.

  • If the certificate is donated for an amount that exceeds the cost of the selected tour, the balance is stored on the client’s personal account until the certificate expires.

  • When buying a tour for a certain amount or a tour with an open date, the tour operator cannot guarantee availability for certain dates of arrival. The gift certificate is not a guarantee, the reservation is made only after the customer requests.

  • Would you like to receive such a gift certificate? Send a link to this page to your friends:

We contact you and clarify all the details.

You pay certificate on the specified bill

We send a certificate by mail

You give a gift, everyone is happy!



What is included in the certificate? Will I have to pay extra?

A certificate is the same as a trip paid on our website. The volume of included services depends on the selected tour and is indicated on the page with its description. The fare to the starting point of the route, meals and personal expenses will be separately paid. Also, depending on the chosen route, some activities may be additionally paid (for example, rafting on the river or visiting individual exhibitions).

Which trips are covered by the certificate?

The validity of the certificate applies to any of our trips. Dates of the trip can be clarified on the pages of tours. Information about this will also be indicated on the gift certificate.

How can the recipient sign up for the trip?

The recipient of the gift must go to the Tours page and select the appropriate route or arrange an individual route. A place in the trip will be reserved if there are free places.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of its acquisition. The date is indicated in the certificate. However, we advise you to book a seat in advance in order to choose the most suitable route.

How is payment made?

100% of the cost of the certificate is paid according to the details provided by us, after confirming the application on the site.

How is the certificate delivered?

Electronic certificates are sent to the specified email within 24 hours after receipt of funds. Printed certificates are sent by mail to the agreed address, delivery depending on the region from 1 to 7 days.

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