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The Bryansk region is a dense dense forest, interspersed with rare settlements. This is the story of the partisan exploits of Soviet citizens during the Great Patriotic War. Finally, this is a magnificent crystal production, famous far beyond the borders of Russia. The best time to visit the Bryansk region is in summer or golden autumn, when the warm sun still illuminates "forests clad in scarlet and gold" ...

Top 10 interesting places to visit:

  • Crystal Museum, Dyatkovo

  • Crystal temple "Burning Bush", Dyatkovo

  • Nature Reserve "Bryansk Polesye"

  • Memorial complex "Partizanskaya Polyana", Belye Berega

  • Mound of Immortality and Park of 1000th anniversary of Bryansk

  • Trinity Cathedral, Bryansk

  • Peter and Paul Monastery, Bryansk

  • Boulevard Gagarin, Bryansk

  • Bryansk Philharmonic and Desna Embankment, Bryansk

  • Pokrovskaya Gora, Bryansk

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Detailed map of all places in the region can be seen on the website of the national tourism portal RUSSIA.TRAVEL


Travel in the Bryansk region

A trip to the Bryansk region will bring peace and tranquility, as these places are full of cozy villages, dense forests and many interesting sights. Especially beautiful attractions here in autumn, when the forest is painted in crimson hues, and the warm bright sun illuminates the hilly expanses. For those who are going to visit Bryansk, I highly recommend doing it in sunny weather and a warm season, so that impressions from walks through forests and lakes will not be spoiled by rainy chill. A walk on this land is very worth it, because it is full of unusual beauty.

Take, for example, the temple "Neopalimaya Kupina" in the village of Dyatkovo, which is a few dozen kilometers from Bryansk. It would seem as an ordinary Orthodox church, but there is one highlight in it - a magnificent iconostasis made full of crystal. All the interior of this temple is made of crystal, which can not be seen in any other place on Earth! This is because in the Dyatkovo in the middle of the 18th century the crystal production by merchant Maltsev was founded. He also founded the first plant for smelting products from crystal in Gus-Khrustalny, which to this day is recognized as the best place to produce crystal in Russia and abroad. So, crystal from Dyatkovo is not inferior to crystal from Gus-Crystal, and is also famous all over the world. And at the plant in Dyatkovo there is a magnificent museum of crystal, in which there is a collection of masterpieces of craftsmens who worked at the plant from its inception to the present day. As a sign of gratitude to the village by craftsmen from Dyatkovo, in 2003, the world's only crystal iconostasis was created, now located in the temple "Neopalimaya Kupina". It is truly worth it to come here and to see this miracle.

The Bryansk region is also famous for its dense forests, described in many works of Russian literature classics of prose and poetry. The Bryansk woodlands, the Bryansk wilds, the “Bryanshchina” - all these epithets are perfectly suited to the local groves and wilds stretching for tens of kilometers. Small villages lurk in their depths, in which bright wooden houses create a unique comfort and unique architecture that is so pleasing to the soul. The time here seemed to have stopped a couple of centuries ago, and although civilization has long since come to these lands, the locals seek to preserve the beauty of Russian architecture and folk traditions, passing them from generation to generation. It is especially beautiful to watch these places in the fall, and there’s not enough words to describe it - just look at the photos below.

The Bryansk region has a very ancient history, which dates back thousands of years. Since the local Slavic tribes were removed from the centers of the power states of 5-10 centuries AD, they paid only a small tribute to the Khazar Kaganate, which formally controlled these lands, but they themselves remained completely independent. At the end of the 10th century, thanks to the campaigns of the princes Oleg and Vladimir, the territory of the Bryansk region was annexed to Kievan Rus, since then it has been recorded as a part of the Russian land. At the same time the fortress Bryansk was founded, the center of the region, which recently celebrated its 1000th anniversary. After the Tatar-Mongol invasion, which greatly weakened Kievan Rus and ravaged part of the Bryansk land, the surviving Slavs formed a strong Bryansk principality, which owned extensive lands on the territory of modern Novgorod, Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk and Chernihiv regions. However, at the beginning of the 14th century, the invasion of the Lithuanian troops put an end to the prosperity of the Bryansk principality, and it came under the authority of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and afterwards the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the 16th century, the region returned to the Russians already as part of the Moscow principality, and from that time its new economic prosperity began.

In the 18-19 centuries, the Bryansk region experienced its "birth" associated with the names of the famous industrial patrons - the Maltsev family, who founded a number of glass production and cast iron industry, smelted guns and steel for the Russian army. The latter is reflected in the flag and coat of arms of the city of Bryansk, which throughout the 19th century was the foundry center of Russia.

The development and prosperity of the Bryansk region was interrupted by the invasion of Nazi troops in 1941. The Bryansk region, which was then part of the Oryol region, was severely damaged - almost all major cities and many small towns were burned, and hundreds of thousands of local residents were killed. The Bryansk folk rose to defend their native land and founded the partisan movement, which was one of the largest and most successful of all time of the Russian Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. With more than 60 thousand people, the Bryansk partisans sabotaged the German troops until the onset of the Soviet army and the return of the Bryansk region; the "Partisan Polyana" memorial near Bryansk is dedicated to their heroism and feats of arms. In the city itself, which in 1944 received the status of the administrative center of the region, a massive Mound of Immortality was built in memory of the stoic feat of the Soviet troops who fought with the German invaders in the dense forests of the region.

The restoration of the region required tremendous efforts and investments, but as a result, the region was restored and today it is gradually flourishing. Its most beautiful places are rightly considered the village of Dyatkovo and the capital of the region - Bryansk. The latter is the largest city in the region with a population of about 450 thousand people, rather extended from north to south along the course of the Desna River. Nevertheless, it is a small and cozy city, the historical center of which is literally a big village. The main pedestrian promenade, Gagarin boulevard, descending from Lenin square to the Bryansk Philharmonic and the Desna River embankment, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the city. I especially want to mention the beautiful Theater square, which houses the drama theater and the central department store, as well as Karl Marx Square next to them. The military past of the region can be found on Partizan square, where the Eternal Fire burns and the local history museum is located, as well as in Victory Park, where the Mound of Immortality and the Square of Military Glory are located. The city has several beautiful Orthodox churches, the main of which are the Trinity Cathedral, Transfiguration Church and Petropavlovsky Monastery. Behind beautiful fields, quiet lakes and harmony with nature it is worth going deep into the park of 1000th anniversary of Bryansk, through pedestrian bridge to a couple of kilometers into the forest. And if there is time and desire, you should definitely visit Tyutchev's "Ovstug" manor and Uspensky Svensky Monastery located near Bryansk.

Bryansk occupies a special place in tourism across the Russian regions. There will be no active leisure here, bright night lights or breathtaking sights. Instead, the region is filled with a quiet atmosphere of comfort and harmony, old Russian-style villages, green fields and groves buried in verdure, wild jungles of broad-leaved forest and wide expanses of meadows on which the heart stops and you want to stand still, breathing the aromas of herbs and repeating the poems of the authors, who wrote about the unforgettable beauty of the Russian land...


If this is exactly what you need - welcome to the Bryansk region!