Travel guides in Asian countries

In Asia, every region is a real storehouse of culture, nature and fascinating stories. From the hot deserts and magnificent mosques of Iran to the white beaches and golden pagodas of Malaysia, from the steppes of Mongolia to the urbanized cities of China, from the wealth of the Arab world to the poorest quarters of India, from the islands in the Pacific Ocean to the boundless taiga of Russia - all this is great and many-sided Asia. It seems that during all life you cannot reveal all its riches and secrets. But if you really want to, it will be possible.

Each guide is not just a list of the most beautiful places in the country, but a fusion of history, nature and culture that make it special. Meet one of the three countries in Asia we already visited:


atmosphere of antiquity and the Caucasus landscapes


oriental tale

in a European way


inspiration and nature

of the folk spirit


At the moment we do not organize tours to Asia, but in the near future we plan to carry out several trips to this region. Stay tuned!

As for now, we recommend for you to study our guides in Russia and Europe: