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Armenia is an ancient country rich in architectural monuments, folk crafts and picturesque landscapes. This is a land of mountains and medieval churches, hospitable people and delicious gastronomy, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Mount Ararat, Lake Sevan, ancient Orthodox monasteries and the treasures of the Transcaucasus are just a small fraction of the riches of Armenia, which you should definitely get to know.

Top 10 interesting places and activities:

  • See the sacred mountain Ararat

  • Admire the endless expanses of the sacred Lake Sevan and visit the Sevanavank monastery

  • Go skiing on the slopes of the Tsaghkadzor resort

  • Go on an excursion to the most ancient religious temples and monasteries: Geghard, Garni, Khor Virap, Noravank, etc.

  • Taste national alcoholic drinks at the world famous "Ararat" factory

  • Watch the sunset at the Yerevan Cascade - a giant staircase towering over the capital of the republic

  • Learn about the historical past of Armenia at the National Museum

  • Visit the unique Matenadaran manuscript museum

  • Visit the ancient settlement of the Tatev Monastery and Karahunj

  • Admire the panoramas of the Lesser Caucasus near Mount Aragats

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Travel in Armenia

Armenia is an ancient Christian republic which history goes back to the darkness of the centuries. The Armenian people is one of the most ancient in the Caucasus, which formed its identity as early as the 6th century BC. In the history of Armenia there was a special period of grandeur, when the rich Armenian Kingdom stretched from the Black to the Caspian Sea, and to the south - down to the lands of Egypt! Unfortunately, that times were deemed to be due to the invasion of the Roman legions, who subjugated the Armenian people and ruled them until the collapse of the Roman Empire.

The Middle Ages were marked by permanent divisions of the territory of the state between neighboring, more powerful empires. Persia and Iran, Byzantium and the Arab Khalifat, the invasion of the Seljuk Turks and the rule of the Ottoman Empire - for many centuries, the Armenian people were torn by political and military conflicts, often leading to complete oppression and genocide. In the 18th and 20th centuries, the Russian Empire conducted military operations with the Ottoman Empire on the territories of present-day Armenia, which also did not add any positive consequences for the Armenians. After the collapse of the Russian Empire, in 1918 a fully-fledged state of Armenia was finally formed. Unfortunately, almost immediately Soviet troops came into its territory with an ultimatum, according to which Armenia was annexed to the Soviet Union. Then there were several political, national and military conflicts with Azerbaijan, some of which have not been completed yet. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the state of Armenia finally gained its independence.

Today, Armenia is a dynamically developing state of Western Asia, which main income comes from the agrarian and tourist sectors. The hospitality of the locals, especially for tourists, has already become a legend, and the incredibly delicious food and warm climate make this country a great place for spiritual relaxation and relaxing entertainment. Here you can taste many delicious dishes of famous Armenian cuisine, visit ancient Orthodox and pagan monasteries (many of them are more than 1000 years old!), feel harmony with virgin nature on the foothills of the Caucasus or on the Lake Sevan. Finally, nowadays this republic is one of the exemplary examples of democracy; in 2018, there was a revolution in Armenia, during which a vote of no-confidence was presented to the current parliament and president, and as a result, the no longer legitimate government passed to the candidate elected by the people. And all this - without victims and violence! Truly, the Armenians are one of the most friendly nations, which, at the same time, is able to defend their national interests. In 2018, the formation of their republic turned 100 years old, with which you can sincerely congratulate them!

Armenia is perhaps one of the most hospitable countries I have ever been to. Although the wealth of locals is far from European countries, they are ready to welcome any guest! I believe that this is rooted in national traditions, which are almost a few hundred years old. I learned hospitality thanks to local guides and new acquaintances who helped me to see Armenia in a completely new way. Therefore, I advise everyone in Armenia to get acquainted with the locals - it’s better to learn about this country through them and not with any professional guide!

The most beautiful city of Armenia is the capital city Yerevan. Here reigns the spirit of a dynamically developing city that wants to grow and flourish. Numerous plants and factories produce national wealth; the most colorful example is Yerevan Brandy Company, famous far beyond the borders of the country. There are many unusual museums and art galleries in Yerevan, the main of which are the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts "Matenadaran" and the National Gallery of Armenia, dedicated to its centuries-old history.

Perhaps the most beautiful place in the city is the famous Yerevan Cascade. 78 meters of steps towering above the historical center of Yerevan and decorated with numerous architectural compositions are admirable. This is the main place for walking and recreation for residents of Yerevan and all tourists. But in my opinion, the most beautiful views open from it during sunset, when the sun setting behind the back illuminates a large city, above which the peak of the sacred Mount Ararat rises. This is truly a breathtaking magnificent sight.

But if you have time, I strongly recommend to break out of the capital and visit many ancient monasteries and natural attractions, many of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Such, for example, is the pagan temple in Garni, founded in the 1st century AD. Not far from it is located an important Orthodox monastery - Geghard, surrounded on all sides by massive mountain ranges. Finally, not far from Yerevan is the ancient monastery of Khor Virap, which is world famous thanks to the amazing panorama - the view of the monastery with Mount Ararat in the background, which is only a few dozen kilometers away. This view is a tourist business card of Armenia ... and it is really worth seeing. It's like Iguazu Falls or the Eiffel Tower - a masterpiece place that remains in memory for life. And of course - a huge Lake Sevan with the purest water, next to which you can feel the real spirit of Armenia - free and inspiringly beautiful.

I invite everyone to visit the hospitable and beautiful Armenia - the country of delicious food, beautiful nature and the nation with one of the ancients cultures in the Caucasus region!