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Russia will be able to surprise even the most experienced traveler. Here is everything you can imagine: magnificent palaces and abandoned estates, ancient shrines and tourist hot-spots, wildlife and well-groomed park ensembles. Knowing about the most beautiful, unusual and little-known places of Russian hinterland, we offer our participants to immerse themselves in the region - and this changes their impression about it forever.

In our travels, everyone discovers Russia from a new and unexpected side, whether it be the steppe expanses of Kalmykia, the salt mines of Astrakhan, the mountain serpentines of the North Caucasus or the architectural masterpieces of the Lipetsk region. In each trip, we do not just get acquainted with the region - we immerse ourselves in its culture, history and religion, relax our soul and body in the most picturesque places of nature and gain unique impressions that will remain with us for life. The unique feeling of drive and surprise during the travel fills us with great energy, which gives us many new strength to move forward! From our trips we bring more than just photos - we bring vivid emotions, memories and impressions of places we want to return to!

Find out more about the beauty and originality of Russian regions in our travel guides - and go on a journey through the great country!

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Pavel Demin

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My name is Pavel Demin, I am a traveler, photographer and author of dozens of tourist routes in Russian regions. In 2019, I created "Sight Hiker" to share with you the beauty and inspiration from the places I saw and my future travels!


The life of a student taught me how to save my savings, but could not restrain my desire to see the world. Over the past two years, I have visited more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia, as well as about 40 regions of Russia. My trips took place in a variety of conditions: from the urban jungle to rural landscapes, from the icy mountains to the melting deserts, from the comfort of 5 * hotels to cozy overnight stays in a camping tent. During the travels, I realized that I love safety and comfort during the trip, so now I try to visit every place without risk to myself and my comfort. At the same time, I was convinced that I did not like standard and hackneyed tourist routes, and therefore my path always lies outside the beaten track. The unique sightseeing route in the region opens up new incredible places, often hidden from the eyes of most tourists. Each such trip is filled with history, religion, culture, beautiful nature and local life, with which you can fully see and feel each region. This trip is not for the sake of a "tick", but for a complete immersion in the place.

I do not regret a single day spent traveling - after all, this is what filled my life with meaning and made me a happy person! My main desire is to introduce everyone to the unique and diverse features of the Russian regions. Traveling beyond familiar places, filling life with impressions and expanding the boundaries of the world, we goes beyond the usual rhythm to feel the drive of discoveries and a sea of impressions, and ultimately to better know ourselves and the world around us. That's what travels are for, right?

I invite you to make a trip to one of the regions of beautiful Russia with me and my team. I am convinced that this will turn your ideas about Russia around and show how beautiful this country is!

Write to me and I will be happy to help you make a great trip program

Pavel Demin,

Head of Sight Hiker

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